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ESG Compliance

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. Solar Dock is ESG compliant, which means we apply these non-financial factors as part of our analysis process to identify material risks and growth opportunities for our products. To learn more about ESG compliance

Solar Dock For Various Sectors

Home Working

Employees working from home can use the Solar Dock to reduce their carbon footprint for themselves and their Families who might be living and working from home.

The Solar Dock serves as an educational product for children within a household who will be curious about how the Sun powers their charging needs and this interest will be taken into the school learning environment when the children ask questions of their teachers. Such education will ensure future generation have curious minds and contribute in the solar revolution

Hotels & Resorts

Hotels and resorts will particularly benefit from the Solar Dock being used in guests’ bedrooms as it will promote the hotels commitment to ESG directly to guests by allowing them to use the Sun’s energy. The guest will no doubt want to return to hotels where they can see the management are making sure their hotel offers renewable energy solutions for guests.

The Solar Dock can also be used in communal areas and receptions of hotels. Cafes and Bistro’s within the hotel can offer renewable energy charging to visitors.


Large corporations will benefit from using the Solar Dock across its workforce and offices to ensure that each person in their organisation is helping the environment by using renewable energy in their everyday workplace setting.

Overall, the company gains prestige and marketing opportunities. Corporation also complies with their ESG and can hold themselves above the competition as a well led organisation committed to the environment and good governance.

The commitment to carbon reduction


1. Our Lithium- Iron batteries are sent to our partners who dismantle component parts for re-use or recycle 
2. Aluminum component parts are sold to scrap metal recycling companies
3. Plastic component parts are sold to recycling specialists. Re-use for other products.
4. PCBs are sold to specialist recycling facilities.
5. Some minor component parts that cannot be recycled are disposed of or incinerated.
6. 95%+ of this product can be recycled or re-used. With scale we plan to vertically integrate these recycling processes.

The Solar Dock is sustainable as it has a life span of 15 years when maintained and serviced. Moreover, the Solar Dock will be recycled, and our target is to ensure 98% of the product is recyclable. Your company benefits again by protecting the environment and reducing waste.

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