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Ordinals Series for sales


Every Ordinal owner gets a free 500Wh. “High powered”
Solar charger delivered to their door after the BTC 2024 halving.
All products are FCC and CE-Certified.


NOW ON ( (Delivery Starts 2024)


purchases on

    1. FOC SOLAR DOCK; a high-power Solar Charger for all your devices, Laptops, Headphones, Drones, Lifestyle products, Gaming products, docking stations etc. See below for more info on specs.
    2. Ordinal buyers receive $300 USD IN SDCC (SOLAR DOCK CARBON CREDITS) Paid as a discount to your next product in year 10 when your existing product is recycled. We will be researching a crypto-based SDCC coin you can trade and we will update owners in the coming months after we have spoken to various market maker trading platforms.
    3. FOC Product recycling in year 10 ensures minimal impact on the Earth’s environment. The Solar Dock is sustainable with ultra-low carbon impact as 95%+ of the Solar Dock can be recycled.
    4. Ordinal buyers earn $50 on future “same series” MINTS (series mints limited to 200)
    5. FOC Product Support & Maintenance for 10 years; includes
      1X Battery replacement (each battery offers 4000 cycles). Estimated Yr. 5.
      3X Wireless charge upgrades. Sent to the customer every 3 years.
      1X New facia print & front cover upgrade to 3 x 100W USB-C ports. Estimated Yr. 5.
    6. Shipping charges apply. TBC prior to shipment in 2024.s

Below are the next Ordinals to launch soon ………………………


Extra bespoke options for customers​

1. Use your own Ordinal or NFT on the Solar Dock Product see example above.
2. NFT collections with partner organizations will be launched at a future date; TBC

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ESG Compliance

ESG Compliance

ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. Solar Dock is ESG compliant, which means we apply these non-financial factors as part of our analysis process to identify material risks and growth opportunities for our products. To learn more about ESG compliance (See More >>)

The Solar Dock is sustainable as it has a life span of 15 years when maintained and serviced. Moreover, the Solar Dock will be recycled, and our target is to ensure 98% of the product is recyclable. Your company benefits again by protecting the environment and reducing waste.

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